The Art Of Healthy Eating Through Real Connection With Food

I've always felt there is a lot more to the story of health and nutrition than is commonly discussed.

Join me in uncovering a richer experience of what it truely means to eat well, and discover how connecting with our food is an easy way to get the ball rolling.

The Art Of Healthy Eating Through Real Connection With Food

I’m a city girl. There’s no doubt about it.

As much as I’d love to tell you I grew up on a large farm property in the country, instead, like many of you, I grew up in the urban suburbs of Sydney.

And I was (and still am) extremely fortunate to live a stone’s throw away from some of Sydney’s best beaches – the city’s greatest charm.

However, despite growing up in a health-conscious and privileged home, there was this weird disconnect with food. My child eyes and mind never really saw where it all came from beyond those supermarket shelves and plastic shopping bags.

Mainstream Nutrition Is Missing Something

This revelation is part of the driving force behind my mission to reconnect with food’s source and essence, not only for my own wellness, but to show you that healthy eating is so much more than just what is generally considered “healthy food” which is reduced down to a set of numbers or qualifications.

This is partly why I never pursued the traditional path of a nutritionist career. I sensed that the conventional view of nutrition and health was missing something vital (it was just meh) and I knew there was a deeper, richer story to be uncovered.

I’m currently writing a book proposal intended to explore this exact topic. It’s a little left of centre compared to most healthy food cook books, as it doesn’t promise weight loss, detoxing or a four week diet plan, but I hope to find a publisher that gets it. I’ll keep you posted!

A Deeper Connection With Food

On my journey of uncovering a richer experience of healthy food, I’ve come to realise how paramount it is that we connect with the source of our food, in any way that is feasible for you (there is no wrong way to do it).

This is one of the many things that makes up a truer experience of “eating well”.

I’m very much learning as I go (and I’m taking you along the ride with me). Because these are the conversations and lessons around health transcend the simple reductionist approach to nutrition that is most common in conventional fields.

I’m telling you now, there is more to this story. It’s likely there is valuable information in indigenous cultures, which are generally far more progressed in this area.

I won’t ever be an expert on farming or spirituality, but I do intend to dive deep on the nutrition an health side and marry all of these topics together.

So working to connect deeper with the source of your food, is an important first step.

How To Start Eating Like Tomorrow Matters

Shop Organic And Local

This does not mean those sad plastic wrapped shrivelled veg in the “organic section” of Woolies. Rather it is using farmer’s markets, or like me, local delivery services – Oooby has been a fave, with each box you even get an exact breakdown of the grower and farm that each item came from – now that is more connected!

Doorstep Organics is another option that I’ve used. I know many people say it’s too hard but these services offer an automated subscription and deliver to your door – I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot more convenient and requires a lot less time and energy than going to the shops!

Grow Something, Anything!

Whatever that looks like to you. I’m very green in the area of growing food (pun intended) and I’m still learning the absolute basics.

It’s unrealistic to expect everyone to grow all their own food, but small steps make big waves.

When I was living in an apartment last year, I had a Composta which I loved, and grew my favourite culinary herbs (which also saved money). This year I’m using a Vegebag, and have plans to get a Vegepod in Spring (my back deck doesn’t get much light in Winter so I’ll have to figure that one out). Last Spring/ Summer I grew oregano and chives, a huge win for me!

Eat consciously

The easiest of all the steps! And it can be done right this second.

When you are aware of how fortunate we are to be eating anything at all, particularly beautiful local seasonal plants and good quality animals, I guarantee you – you savour each mouthful, you don’t shove food down while standing in front of the fridge with the TV blaring.

I always get so confused when I see so much content on how to prevent overeating, and none of it address this truth that we know within us. When you have a healthy relationship with food, it’s just that, a healthy relationship with it. You love it and you enjoy it, you don’t mindlessly eat it, feel overstuffed or feel guilty about eating.

What will this bring you?

  • You won’t overeat and won’t let anything go to waste, as it means more to you.
  • Eating and cooking will become easier and more enjoyable.
  • You’ll save money by not stocking your cupboards and fridge with unnecessary pre-made products.
  • You’ll feel more aligned with your natural state and true self. We exist as part of an ecosystem, and I believe this is getting harder and harder to ignore.

As you can see, this is another way to achieve your health goals, and in my opinion, a more aligned way that makes sense. Perhaps overeating is not an issue of willpower, but rather a disconnection and mindlessness.

When you start to draw these connections, many of the issues we face in nutrition, naturally fall away.

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