IT’S MY MISSION TO inspire you TO WANT TO EAT IN A WAY THAT aligns with your best self.


However You Landed On This Page Or Came Across My Corner Of
The Internet, I Believe We Were Drawn To Each Other For A Reason.

What does that mean exactly?

My core belief is that in order for you (and everyone in the world for that matter) to live to your fullest potential, to achieve everything your heart desires, to live a life you are proud of and ultimately to feel like the best and truest you, your food experience must be the best you can get your physical and hypothetical hands on.

You see beautiful, when you eat in a way that aligns with your highest self, you are providing your mind and body with the foundations for success and goodness in every aspect of life.

Eating “well” is the most basic form of self care.

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Let’s say you are a Maserati. You don’t fill up your pristine beautiful car, that you worked hard to get, with the cheapest most convenient fuel. You make sure you are giving it the best possible fuel for it to do it’s job in the best way possible.

The car’s job is to provide a beautiful driving experience, smooth and fast and comfortable and stylish.

So the question is what is your “job”?

What is the legacy you want to leave?

What do you want people to say about you after they meet you?

Is it to be an amazing present mother? Or maybe its to have the space and freedom to dedicate time to the people in your life that need help? Or maybe it’s to create an empire in your business with a lasting legacy? Or to save the lives of your clients? Or maybe it’s to be the next world leader and to solve world poverty?

Whatever it is that gets you out of bed in the morning, in order for you to get there you must be fully aligned in truth.

You must give your body and mind the chance to feel AH-MAZE-ING.

When you do this, your mind is healthy, you are happier, you are nicer, you are more motivated, you are less stressed, you are more accepting, and you have a zest for life.

You are running like a well oiled machine.

YOU are the Maserati!

So why are you eating like you’re a road-unsafe, 35 year old, scratched up car that can’t get anyone from A to B?

It’s Time To Start Eating Like The Person You Want To Be, The Person I Know You Are Deep Down.

For you to have the impact you want on the world, for you to feel 100% fulfilled in your life, your body and mind need to be nourished, so you can feel vibrant and connected to your food and therefore the universe. And most of all, to feel truely “you”.

If you want to know my story and who I am, read about it here.

I can feel your tummy rumbling. So let’s get into the tasty part…

Eating ‘Well’ Is The Most Basic Form Of Self Care.

The Food.

You might have already guessed but I have some pretty strong views on food and what I consider “eating well”.

It’s no secret that I love being in the kitchen, especially to whip up a batch of my favourite sweet treats. Not only do I enjoy the creative aspect and find peace in the process of cooking, but I get to eat and share my creations (what’s not to love about that?). Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been obsessed with the creative process of making beautiful looking (and tasting!) treats.

Food to me is so much more than many people make it out to be these days - you know, the negative energy surrounding it like something that’s going to make you gain weight, something that’s “bad” or “naughty”, something that’s a source of arguments, or bad for the environment.


Food comes from the earth, we take it in to our bodies, it’s broken down into parts that actually become us - our enzymes, our hormones, our skin, our tissues - and all of those things we require to be alive. How magical!

I’d Even Go A Step Further, Food Has The Power To Give Us Happiness

mental health is undeniably connected to our diets, and without the correct nourishment, how are we supposed to wake up everyday being our optimal self, and happy to be alive and excited for the day ahead.

My Food Philosophy

My number one philosophy is food that is as close to the earth as possible. This means it hasn’t passed through many hands and factories, and rather it’s come from the grower to you.

Locally grown plant foods are a big part of this and you’ll find this makes up the bulk of my recipes.

However it also includes animal foods of the highest quality like wild fish, pasture-raised eggs and chicken (this means the chickens live on pasture), grass-fed meat that has been given it’s traditional diet.

Tip: If the food doesn’t have a PR team or a package that is screaming why you should buy it, it’s probably a good food to choose in my opinion. This includes humble vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes and wild or pastured animal foods.

You see food holds and energy, and no I’m not talking about calories here. I’m talking about the energy it holds - if a food product is cheap and nasty, produced my a big manufacturer with only profit in mind, or it’s been modified and treated to last longer than you on the shelves…. You take on that low vibe energy.

By contrast, organic and seasonal fruit and vegetables that have been picked from the ground only hours before you buy it, or animals that have had the chance to live a free life, or nuts and seeds that are activated to enhance the nutritional qualities… These are high vibe foods. Remember, you are the Maserati and your body and mind deserves the highest quality fuel.

The Science

You like the nitty gritty, and if it is that that you want… I see you. And I raise you some #science.

You’ll see a few running themes around here:


Sugar doesn’t do us wonders. And when I say sugar I’m talking about classic white sugar, brown sugar, cane sugar, raw sugar, caster sugar (and about 20 other names) and of course this includes food that is made from this sugar - lollies, candy, cupcakes, muffins, chocolates, fizzy drinks etc.

And in my opinion, which you’ll soon come to understand, the “natural” sugars aren’t great either. Coconut sugar, brown rice syrup, maple syrup, agave syrup, date syrup and more.

These are all still concentrated forms of sugar. They don’t offer much, if any, nutritious qualities. And really all that happens is our blood sugar (and later our insulin) rises too high.

And not just that. It has been shown in brain scans that eating sugar causes the hormone dopamine to be flooded into an area of the brain that signifies reward. This makes you feel really good in the moment. But the problem is that over time you become addicted and you need more and more of it to achieve the same effect.

Ever felt like you NEED ice cream after a stressful day at work? You are not alone.

Part of my focus on sugar is because if my clients are addicted to sugar, they have very little hope of ever being able to stick to eating well, and I don’t blame them! A sugar habit is far stronger than any will to eat well.

So after many years, helping hundred of people get off their sugar addictions, I’ve developed a research-backed method that allows you to not want sugar in the first place. Read more about it here.

I was so over all the “willpower hacks”, they don’t work. The only way to say no to sugar with ease is to have zero desire to eat it in the first place. Yes it is possible!

But my interest in sugar doesn’t stop there.


Let me tell you a brief rendition of a long story.

Rewind 6 years ago and there I was thinking I was doing all the right things, or at least trying. I ate a mostly vegetarian diet, I didn’t eat junk food, and I didn’t eat anything “processed”, yet I was suffering. I found it really hard to maintain my weight (and now maintain a weight 5kg below that without even trying), my moods were all over the place and I was going through big bouts of depression (without even knowing it but thats another story).

I went to see a naturopath who told me I was mildly insulin resistant. I thought “what on earth are you talking about I don’t even eat sugar”, but I was making a few other mistakes which left me with raised insulin and explained my weight struggles and mood problems.

And so I set to work learning how I could manipulate my insulin levels with diet, which turns out to be incredibly easy once you understand food and it’s effects on your insulin levels. I made some changes to my diet, saw unbelievable results and fast forward 6 years and I still eat in the same way. Read more about the benefits I experienced here.

Gut Health

The gut is the centre of our health. Gone are the days were we look at each body pathway or system as an isolated entity. The gut greatly effects our mental health (noticing a theme here perhaps?), in fact the gut is in direct communication with the brain via the vagus nerve! The health of our guts also effects our immunity (our immune system is largely housed in the gut), our skin, our sleep and of course our digestion.

Many problems we face are actually rooted in a problem with the gut, which is why it is such an important thing to look after as a first line of treatment.

But there’s a catch. The gut is highly individual. And of course just by me typing this doesn’t mean I can see inside your gut microbes and diagnose you. In fact I’d need you to send me a stool sample to do that. *This is not an invitation to send me a stool sample.

That said, after many years of research, I think there are some easy baseline food principles to follow that promote a healthy gut. And implementing these into my life have been enough to keep my gut feeling good for the most part!

Food isn’t the only thing that heals the gut. Remember when I said the brain is directly connected to the gut? This means that things like stress and thoughts can physically effect your gut symptoms too.

I wish I had a more streamlined answer for you. I wish I could tell you “just follow this exact meal plan and it’ll cure all your problems”. I can’t do that.

But what I can do is only give you what I call “gut friendly” recipes. So you can be sure that all of the recipes on my page are wholesome and developed with not only your insulin in mind but also your gut.

Ok that was a lot of information.

So where to from here?