EAT WITH LOVE and intention, AND EXPLORE WHAT IT MEANS TO live well.
Let’s Change The Way You Look At Food.


I’m Liv. I'm a holistic nutritionist (BSc) and self-proclaimed healthy chef and I’m obsessed with waking up every day happy to be alive and excited for the day ahead.

I specialise in sugar-free and gut-friendly recipes with a focus on the magic of real food. When it comes to wellness, it's about what you can have, not what you can't.

Wellness adds to our lives, allowing us to fully align with our goals, missions and true selves.
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Experience five days of gut-friendly, sugar-free, insta-worthy, delectable lunches!

The best way to eat well is to eat delicious food. Let me take care of lunches this week for you and taste for yourself, just how delicious and easy eating well can be.

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Whether you just want to dip your toe in to a healthy lifestyle, you want to learn your way around a kitchen or you want to say goodbye to sugar forever, I'm here for you.
Olivia Boyd Smith

“Liv is my go-to resource for all of our beauty food recipes on Par Olive. Her knowledge is unparalleled – she explains the reasoning behind her approach in such a relatable way that makes so much sense. Liv Kaplan is my go-to for internal skin health and beauty. Both are imperative to feel and look our very best.”

- Olivia Boyd Smith


“Liv since starting Sweetness Beyond Sugar it really has allowed my beliefs to be concrete. The idea for me wasn’t to not ever have sugar again… It was to be able to not rely on it in my every day. It’s been like 3 weeks now and I’m so proud of myself.

The fact that my boyfriend brings Tim Tams back and other biscuits and I actually do not want to eat them. This has never happened to me.”

- Britt,Sweetness Round 1 Graduate

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