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My whisk community, called Nourishing Kitchen Rituals, is here to make it extra easy for you to work healthy eating in to your lifestyle. 

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Sunbaked is a new recipe project, dedicated to recipes to make with kids.

One way we can really affect the next generation and encourage healthy eating is to get kids involved in the kitchen. On top of that, if we can stear our kids towards more wholesome options, they'll be better off while still enjoying all the pleasures of life.

The recipes go out by email, every Wednesday. 

Olivia Boyd Smith

“Liv is my go-to resource for all of our beauty food recipes on Par Olive. Her knowledge is unparalleled – she explains the reasoning behind her approach in such a relatable way that makes so much sense. Liv Kaplan is my go-to for internal skin health and beauty. Both are imperative to feel and look our very best.”

- Olivia Boyd Smith

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