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Start A Low Carb Lifestyle

This is for you if you want a low carb lifestyle but you are not sure where to start. Nobody comes out of the womb knowing this stuff but I’ve put everything you need to know in one easy kit that you’ll have life time access to.

In the Love Low Carb Kit we’ll go through the ABC’s, so you’ll have a strong foundation to make diet changes with ease. My secret weapon to changing your diet is to actually understand food. And I’m here to kick start your journey with you.

Quit sugar for good.

Do you want to peacefully say no to sugar?

Sugar is addictive and it’s an emotional and habitual relationship. On top of that, there are parts of our environment (including some shonky diet advice we’ve all been given) that make it impossible to eat well, yes, impossible.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. So I’ve packaged up everything I’ve learnt into my signature 4 week process, The Sweetness Beyond Sugar.

Create Show Stopping Desserts Without Sugar

A collection of my favourite sugar-free and keto-friendly desserts. 

These recipes are exactly what you need to bring back those lush moments of indulgence in life, whether you want to impress your friends and family or to simply treat yourself. There is nothing wrong with making a decadent treat just for you. 

Join me in enjoying my personal kitchen favourites and become the sugar free baking queen I know you can be. 

Olivia Boyd Smith

“Liv is my go-to resource for all of our beauty food recipes on Par Olive. Her knowledge is unparalleled – she explains the reasoning behind her approach in such a relatable way that makes so much sense. Liv Kaplan is my go-to for internal skin health and beauty. Both are imperative to feel and look our very best.”

- Olivia Boyd Smith


“Liv since starting Sweetness Beyond Sugar it really has allowed my beliefs to be concrete. The idea for me wasn’t to not ever have sugar again… It was to be able to not rely on it in my every day. It’s been like 3 weeks now and I’m so proud of myself.

The fact that my boyfriend brings Tim Tams back and other biscuits and I actually do not want to eat them. This has never happened to me.”

- Britt,Sweetness Round 1 Graduate

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