When You Feel Like You Are In A Rut

Life takes us on a weird and wonderful journey of seasons, and when you feel like you aren’t experiencing the best of those seasons, I wonder if this simple shift can help.

When You Feel Like You Are In A Rut

I often hear some of you talk about being in a rut. 

Do you feel like this is you? 

You are not alone. 

But I wonder if we can change this phrasing, to actually change the outcome. 

My dad always told me “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. 

It’s something I am constantly reminding myself, and I’m yet to find a situation where this hasn’t applied. 

So perhaps instead of feeling down that you are in a “rut”, and looking for a way to change it, approach it simply as a different season of life.

This will actually make it more possible for you to move out of that “rut” or season anyway, as it removes the fear of permanency. 

We are all cyclical beings, and it is natural to move within seasons of life and adapt and change our days to suit. 

Perhaps you haven’t been exercising as much as you like, or perhaps you haven’t been socialising as much as you’d like, or perhaps you haven’t been [insert here] as much as you’d like… 

Well maybe you aren’t in a rut. 

It’s just a season of life you are moving through, where there are other things taking priority, whether it’s a conscious choice or not. 

And in many cases, this is actually something to celebrate. 

Remember, there is no end destination in a health or life journey. You are in it right now. 

So give yourself some grace and see if this shift in perspective makes a difference. 

If, however, you are doing things you truely know don’t serve your highest self, you know the things where you feel “just aren’t you”, what are some simple actions you can take in the next few days to help? 

I talk a lot about all of the elements that go in to our daily choices, and the fact that we aren’t in conscious control of most of them. 

It may take some “tuning in” to find the answer, but I know it’s deep within you! 

Trust yourself and listen to that little voice inside – it’s rarely ever wrong.

Liv xx

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