My Non Toxic Beauty And Home Favourites

I'm excited to share some home and beauty recommendations with you at last! I'm no pro in this area, but I have made an effort to swap some daily items to reduce my toxic load. 

My Non Toxic Beauty And Home Favourites

I am dedicated to holistic health because I believe in giving our bodies the best chance possible to thrive (not just survive) and reducing the risk of various health issues.

Food, as you know, I am passionate about. I choose organic where possible and prioritise whole foods. But all the goos and potions (basically cosmetics, skincare, body care and cleaning supplies) are just as important in a truely healthy lifestyle. This has been a more recent part of my journey, but something I am equally as enthusiastic about.

The truth is, the products we use in our homes and on our bodies, just like food, can have a significant impact on our health. From cosmetics and skincare to cleaning supplies, conventional everyday items can contain harmful chemicals that affect our well-being. 

Just like the food system, we aren’t given the whole truth when it comes to this stuff, and big companies are largely prioritising profits over your own personal wellbeing. Just because something is widely available, doesn’t mean it’s safe or isn’t potentially putting us at greater risk of hormonal problems, the symptoms of which are often hard to attribute. 

For more detail, check out Fatal Conveniences by Darin Olien, or listen to the audio version. For something quicker, check out this Instagram page – I wholeheartedly trust Amelia’s recommendations, and I find her guides so straight forward and simple – particularly great if you are in Australia. 

On to my faves! 

I’m not an expert on low-tox (I trust the experts and follow their advice) and not everything I use or have in my home is 100% toxin free, but I’ve done my best, particularly with stuff I use daily. Here are my highlights.

*Nothing here is sponsored or gifted.


  • Mukti Organics – I use their Queen Of  The Night Cream and Hyaluronic Marine Serum
  • Foile – I use their cleanser and daily moisturiser (this one definitely wins cutest packaging, which is conveniently designed to be refillable). 
  • Mother SPF – Sunscreen is one of the worst offenders when it comes to toxins (ironic I know). I use their SPF and bronzing drops.
  • Avocado Zinc – Another clean SPF brand I like


  • EverEscents Shampoo and Conditioner – I use the moisture ones as my hair is super dry.
  • Raw Nature dry shampoo.

Hand & Body 


  • Koala Eco – I pretty much have the whole range, even their bleach! This includes dish soap, laundry liquid, surface cleaner, bathroom cleaner and stainless steel cleaner.
  • Ecostore dishwasher tablets – I do a lot of dishes, and even though powder is generally much healthier, I find they don’t work as well – I’ve been using these dish tablets and found them to work much better.

Candles & Room Fragrance

  • Orchard St Candles – I’ve given up conventional candles due to synthetic fragrance. 

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