How To Make A Nourishing Grazing Board

I’m yet to find a person who doesn’t love a good grazing board, and I love making them! They are always so impressive, even though most of the time you are just placing things on a platter.

How To Make A Nourishing Grazing Board

Who doesn’t love a grazing board? I make them all the time because I love to enjoy them and I love seeing people’s eyes light up when they enter an event or gathering and there is an incredible grazing board to nibble at, indulge in and share with friends and family over good conversation.

Call me crazy but grazing boards have the power to bond us together, and that is one of the most beautiful parts of enjoying food. 

This is just one way I like to make them, and naturally I make choices that support my health. Here I’m diving into some of my favourite items to include and why. 

All these items are from Goodness Me and you can use LIV15 for a special discount. 


Of course you need crackers as a vehicle for all the delicious toppings. My preference is a gluten-free and ideally grain-free cracker. Some I love are the keto crackers from Paleo Pure and the Loka Rosemary Sea Salt Crackers. Otherwise, Mary’s Gone Crackers are amazing if you aren’t looking for grain-free. 


This is a fancy word for cut up vegetables. I love having this as an option on a board, not only for colour but they offer an option that’s light on the digestive system, and primes our digestion for a larger meal, if that is where we are going. I keep it simple with finely sliced carrots, cucumbers and radishes. 


A bit of sour and astringent bite to round out the combination of flavours on this board. Not just because they are popular, but picked vegetables help prime our digestive systems for food. It can be difficult to find pickles without sugar, but Ceres Organic Chilli Gherkins fit the brief and have the perfect amount of crunch. 

There are plenty of other pickle options that are great on a grazing board too – pickled onion, radishes, carrots, anything really! 


I always like to add some simple roasted or activated nuts in a bowl. They are simple, crunchy, uncomplicated and they provide that element of little bites that we all want when snacking. 

For something even more special, I’m loving the activated nuts from Mindful Foods – activating means the nuts have been soaked and dehydrated, whereby the nutrients are made more bioavailable. 

I’m also loving Pure Snack kale chips. I know kale chips are soo 2007 but I like them! They taste great and provide a dose of greens. 

Something Sweet 

I always add something sweet on the board and this can be done in many ways. First is simply some fresh fruit, as it always looks beautiful, it’s vibrant, it adds a sense of freshness that makes your eyes light up. I love berries when in season, otherwise grapes or sliced plums are beautiful too. 

My little tip if you are using strawberries, is to slice them in half with the green part on. Dot them around the board and you’ll be amazed at how this elevates the look. 

Then a little dried fruit too – apricots, dates (although technically not a dried fruit), to continue to build on all the incredible layers of flavours and options we have here. Go for medjool dates, and check that apricots are sulphite free – this will mean they are darker in colour but less additives is a positive. Ceres Organics do a great sulphite free option. 

For something extra special I am seriously obsessed with the Loka low carb biscotti. If you are sugar-free, keto or low-carb, or anyone really, I suggest you try these, especially with an espresso after a meal… Ah bellissimo! The almond chai flavour is beautiful with a soft cheese. 

Something Soft

This category is for the cheese or dips (or both). I love a variety of good quality cheeses on a board. One of my favourite things to do is to place goats chevre in a bowl, drizzle over olive oil, a little honey and top with some thyme leaves, chilli flakes and dukkah. It’s hard to go wrong with cheese. I also love manchego and comte too, for a sliceable cheese option. 

And with dips, I love hummus and tahini based dips, really anything made well without the addition of sugar or vegetable oils or anything we wouldn’t put in a dip that we made ourselves. Sometimes I do like to make my own too. You can find plenty of recipes here.  

And more!

Olives are a necessary part of a grazing board, I like to provide a few varieties and normally go for Sicillian and kalamata. 

And really anything else you love!

If you’d like to read a bit more about how to navigate grazing boards as a guest, read this and this.

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