Triggers Or Treatments… And How To Instantly Re-Align

I posted a random thought on IG the other day…
“Knowing your treatments as apposed to knowing your triggers”

Triggers Or Treatments… And How To Instantly Re-Align

I posted a random thought on IG the other day…

“Knowing your treatments as apposed to knowing your triggers”

What I’m talking about is triggers that throw you completely… Send you into a period of depression or anxiety, or abuse or literally whatever your pain points are… For me? It’s falling into what I now simply describe as being off centre.

Triggers can be any number of things and will be different for each individual. I do think that going inward and figuring yourself out is a right of passage everyone needs to go through – in fact I don’t think this ever ends… We are constantly learning things about ourselves, our personalities, why we do the things we do, it’s constant work in progress. And I think it’s a good thing!

But for today, knowing my treatments was far more important than knowing my triggers.

Rewind 48 hours ago… To be honest I had a really bad day, I was totally off centre, couldn’t think straight, felt uneasy, was having terrible digestive symptoms, couldn’t focus, felt scattered, was unmotivated, overate, mindlessly ate, was stressed about some work stuff coming up, felt I wasn’t good enough, didn’t move (as in exercise), skipped a yoga class that I had booked, turned down an invite to hang out with some friends… Among other things too but you get the picture.

It really took me to the next evening (actually right now as I’m writing this) to feel back to normal. At previous times of my life, this kind of off-centre feeling would have lasted days, weeks or months… I used to spiral into these periods of depression and loss of personality and it would snowball and I just struggled to get myself out of it. Yes there have been times of my life where I’ve lost several months to feeling like this.

And this is where it’s important I know my treatments… Basically what brings me back into alignment. Why? Because it’s instant. In these crazy states all I need to do is immediately get out of it, I don’t have the time nor mental toughness to try and think about what triggered it… I need immediate action that can lift this kind of feeling and get me back into centre (and if not that drastic than at least send me on the uphill so I can snowball up instead of snowball down).

So what did I do today:

This morning, despite being busy with work, I accompanied a friend to a surgeons appointment that she was extremely nervous about. She was so unbelievably grateful to have my support and as I discussed in this interview with Kale Brock… One of the best things to do to get out of your own head is to do something for someone else, some kind of act of selflessness… Trust me, its foolproof and will ALWAYS get you out of your worries.

That said, I was still feeling pretty off… So I went to jump in the ocean.. INSTANTLY felt back to normal – like nothing I can describe – it’s like I left my house one person and return a completely new one.

Then I went to a yin yoga class, although to be honest I was only motivated enough to go because of my swim… And this is one of the hardest things – the actual motivation to get up off the couch and go.

Yesterday? I was listening to my rational mind.. “Liv… book a yin yoga class and force yourself to go, it always makes you feel better”… So I listened… Did I go to yesterdays yoga class? Nah… Haha trust me I know it’s easier said than done, and when you’re in one of those states, hearing me say “oh just go to yoga or go jump in the ocean you’ll feel better” is just a massive slap in the face and you can’t fathom that it’s going to help. Trust me I’ve been there – hysterically on the phone to my mum and she’s like “relax, go get a massage or something”… It doesn’t help.

And this is the important thing. YOU have to know YOUR treatments, what gets you back into your centre and feeling like your true self. It will be different for everyone. The next thing to work on is FORCING yourself to do them because when you need them most is the times that they are the absolute last thing you feel like doing.

This is what I do. When I’m feeling depressed, anxious, cray cray etc. I remove myself from the situation mentally and I just force my body to do something, basically on autopilot – like I will suddenly just get my bikini on and mission down to the ocean with robot like mannerisms. Seems loopy but this is what I have to do.

So moral of the story is figure out your individual treatments, what brings you back into centre.

And even better? For when times are REALLY bad, make sure you have someone close to you who you can call, who knows your treatments and will force you to do them. I have one person in my life who does this for me and it is an absolute life saver. Whenever I am in an absolute state of cray-cray-ness, when you feel like you have no where to turn and you just want to implode, I call that person, and he will make me do something on my treatment list and will not take no for an answer, and will not let me give excuses as to why I can’t.

This blog post was a total purge of my thoughts at the time haha! But I’d love to know if it resonated with you or if you can relate to these experiences… So feel free to comment below or reach out to me on social!


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