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How Self Worth Can Change Your Eating Habits

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes struggle to make healthy food choices? No matter how many times you tell yourself, "I'm going to eat well," you often find yourself not following through.It could be that low-self worth is to blame, and I’m not talking about confidence. Here, I explore the concept of self-worth and how it can positively impact your eating habits. And how low self-worth can prevent you from reaching your desired health goals. By recognising your self-worth, you can eat well with ease rather than force, friction and negativity.

How To Navigate Eating In A World Of Advice

Is the overwhelming amount of information on what to eat leaving you confused and disempowered? Do you feel like the simple decision of what to eat in any given moment is clouded with noise, preventing you from actually enjoying what you are eating? As I reflect on my personal journey towards inner peace, I am reminded of three key elements that have been instrumental in getting me to where I am today. These are the personal code, seeking understanding and listening to the gut. These elements helped me move away from constantly chasing the next shiny thing and instead operate from a grounded sense of peace. I believe that you, too, have the intelligence and strength to cultivate this for yourself.