How Would You Live If Every Mirror Was A “Good Mirror”?

I get asked about weight loss a lot. Of course naturally this is going to be the case being a nutritionist.
But it's a question I hate answering.

How Would You Live If Every Mirror Was A “Good Mirror”?

I get asked about weight loss a lot. Of course naturally this is going to be the case being a nutritionist.

But it’s a question I hate answering.

Because although it’s totally acceptable to want to lose weight. In fact if you do I think it’s more than ok to admit it and own it. Everyone seems to be too afraid to admit if they want to lose weight. This is a solid sign your reasons for wanting weight loss are coming from the wrong place.

Anyway, the reason I hate talking about it is because I’ve worked SO hard in my life to not place value on my own weight and my own physical appearance. And after years and years of work, I can finally say I’m mostly there, and thank god because had I not gone on that journey, you wouldn’t be here reading this in the first place because I would have never started my blog.

When it comes to health, I firmly believe once you sort out your mind and your own relationship to food, the physical stuff comes easily (without force).

When you love food for the energy exchange with the planet, you don’t overeat, when you appreciate food for it’s story and how it’s serving you, you don’t overeat. When you respect the eating process with loving positive intentions, you don’t view food as good or bad. Rather you naturally gravitate to more wholesome options out of respect for yourself and the planet.

Then all of a sudden you don’t need to worry about macros and calories, you don’t need to worry about stress around food. It’s actually quite the opposite, you end up loving food and seeing such beauty in the fact that you have access to it.

When it comes to body perception and self worth:

How Would You Live If Every Mirror Was A “Good Mirror”?

You know what a “good mirror” is right? The mirrors you look in and think “DAYM GIRL I AM HAWT”… In comparison to the bad mirrors you look in and think “I’m so ugly, I don’t look like blabla and and I’m not as hot as blabla and how shit my life is because I’m just so hideous”. I know it sounds brash but the sad reality is this is how many many women (and probably men too) talk to themselves in the mirror. One bad mirror in a poorly lit change room is enough to send most women down a rabbit hole of self hatred and disgust and general low-vibe being.

The scary (but also valuable) truth is this; how we can let a mirror reflection determine how we feel about ourselves when our actual physical appearance has not changed? Are you really going to let the chance of whether you walk past a bad mirror or a good mirror change your self worth? Please don’t.

The reason I think this truth is valuable is because it shows how STRONG our minds are. When we look in a bad mirror or a good mirror, despite physically looking exactly the same, just simply the thought that you look good and the thought that you look bad is enough to COMPLETELY CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS AND PERCEPTION OF YOURSELF. And beyond just looks, it changes your perception of your talents, your value, the person you truely are, all because of something that is completely made up in your mind. The mirror doesn’t change what you look like, it only changes how you perceive what you look like.

Yep, the mind is powerful AF.

When your self worth is low, you don’t believe you are capable of greatness, you are less motivated to do anything, let alone take steps outside of your comfort zone, and you are often less warming and friendly to other people… And a whole host of other problems that come with low self worth.

So I invite you to live every day as if you looked in a “good mirror”. And continue your day with that fire and confidence like you can do anything in life. I firmly believe everything you want in life is right there waiting for you you just have to reach out and grab it.

You must ACT AS IF. You must act as if you are fucking amazing. You must be grateful for all of your qualities, even your shit ones. We all have them!

Seriously I’m not a very regretful person. I don’t think it’s a good way to live. But if I had one regret it would be all the HOURS, WEEKS, MONTHS and YEARS I spent completely consumed by my physical “hotness”. WHAT A FUCKING WASTE OF A HUMAN BEING. Imagine if I had’ve put all that energy into something of VALUE to the world. That’s right. You have so much to offer the world and your looks is not one of those things.

My dad passed away when I was 11. We were really close, and in some sense we still are. I very quickly learnt how short life is. And nothing makes you an insanely mature 11 year old like going through trauma like that. You’d think that would be enough to show me that stressing about my looks was a waste of time, but it actually wasn’t. It took me to my early 20’s to realise my value is not in what I look like and that placing all that value on my physical appearance was only completely inhibiting me from doing the things that I’m passionate about. Unfortunately I’m one of the rare cases that realised this in my early 20’s, when a lot of women carry this burden well into the res of their lives. But it’s not too late.

Look at your friends or the people you admire in life. Do you like them because of the way they look? Is the way they look the reason you want to hang out with them. I’m sure it’s a big fat no on that one.

Please please please. I urge you. No matter how old you are. Keep saying this mantra to yourself:

I have a lot to offer the world and what I look like isn’t one of those things.

When you believe this you suddenly are totally blind to peoples looks. I swear. You CAN be blind to it. It’s so much butter to see people for their soul and their energy. In fact it’s the only way you’ll ever see your own soul and energy. Seriously. Start with the way you view other people and let that fall on to the way you view yourself.

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