“So Liv, I get that to feel the best, we need to look after our guts and we need to eat anti-inflammatory, but... WTF do you actually eat?!”. One of the biggest questions I get asked is how I make lunch everyday tasty, beautiful and easy (hello #livbowls). 

So to answer your questions, I created this eBook. Made is here to walk you through how to build a nutritious gut-friendly bowl, my favourite recipes, as well as give you an insight into eating to promote a healthy gut and mind. 

Made isn’t your normal recipe book. It’s broken into four key steps, where I take you through exactly how to build a bowl that nourishes your gut, makes you feel alive, and importantly will keep you satisfied until your next meal. I’ve given you the framework and the inspiration, and from there, the flavour combos are up to you! 

In this ebook you’ll find: 

  • A fail-proof formula for every meal, saying goodbye to the diet wagon and hello to food freedom

  • The ultimate how-to for preparing your veggies and proteins for ultimate flavour so you never look at junk the same way again 

  • Tips and hacks and easy things to have in your fridge for when hunger strikes 

  • The inspiration to get into the kitchen, get in touch with your food and easily and effortlessly make and eat delicious food with nothing but positive vibes

It’s my mission to change the conversation around food to something beautiful and positive, filled with gratitude and love, instead of the negative energies that surround food and eating these days. Food is commonly associated with weight, the emotional crutch, the thing that’s to blame for all our issues, something that takes too much time and effort, and that’s bad for the environment or just plain ‘bad’ in general. 

The energy you put out into the world is the energy you get back. So let’s start putting out vibrations of gratitude and happiness for our relationship with food. It’s something to be celebrated, loved and cherished as not only does it literally give us life, but what we eat will become us. I mean what better connection can you get! 

I want you feeling amazing when you eat, when you prepare food and when you shop for food. I want you to want to eat well and nourish yourself, not to feel forced to do it. I want you to find the beauty in food as it’s one of the most fundamental forms of self care. 

With that in mind, let’s get some delicious food Made.