Hemp Seed Pesto... Vegan, GF, DF

Every time I go to the markets I always make sure to get some fresh herbs… Whether it’s basil, parsley, coriander, dill or most often a selection of all of them. The thing is, we all talk about greens greens greens, but our minds often go to the usual spinaches, kales and lettuces. But fresh herbs are in this camp too, in fact sometimes even more so because they are more concentrated in goodness. The amazing guys at ATP Science talk about this a lot and I like to think they know what they’re talking about. And anyway, at a base level we know that a variety of plant foods is always going to be good for you, and fresh herbs are an amazing way to get more of it.

And above that, they make food taste better and you know I’m all about flavour. There is not one part of me that thinks healthy food has to be boring. And the thing is… the biggest motivator for eating well is food that actually tastes good. Many ask me how I find it so easy to eat well and have zero desire to eat junk, and that’s the answer.

This is why I wrote my new ebook! Made isn’t your normal recipe book. It’s broken into four key steps, where I take you through exactly how to build a bowl that nourishes your gut, makes you feel alive, and importantly will keep you satisfied until your next meal. I’ve given you the framework and the inspiration, and from there, the flavour combos are up to you!

Made launches this weekend! So make sure you’re signed up to my email list here to ensure you don’t miss out on the launch sale, and you’ll get an even further discount.

Photography by   Phoebe McCreath

Photography by Phoebe McCreath

Makes: 1 small jar 


1 bunch basil, leaves and stems

1 bunch parsley, leaves and stems 

1 clove garlic (optional)

4 tbsp nutritional yeast  

¼ cup hemp seeds

1 lemon, juiced

¼ cup olive oil or hemp seed oil

Generous pinch of salt and pepper


To make in a blender or food processor, simply blend all ingredients together until blended. I personally like mine still a little chunky and not blended to oblivion – a few pulses does the trick, just watch out for big chunks of garlic or stems of herbs. Depending on your blender or food processor you may need to add extra oil. 

To make by hand, finely chop the herbs as much as possible, and mince the garlic using a knife, microplane or garlic crusher. Combine with remaining ingredients. 

Store in a jar in the fridge.