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My Food Philosophy

My Personal Food Philosophy… I’m a firm believer in the power of using food and diet to fight ailments that are all too common in today’s world – I’m talking depression, anxiety, low moods, brain fog and lack of lust for life. In my personal journey I’ve experienced stages where I had all of these symptoms and even been diagnosed with ‘depression’

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I Quit Bulletproof Coffee? New Breakfast And Intermittent Fasting Routine...

For a while I swear I was known as the bulletproof coffee girl, yep I had a bulletproof coffee basically every day for about a year and a half, and I loved it! I read the Bulletproof book by Dave Asprey, and made quite a few changes in my diet, loved the results so much that I continued having just bulletproof coffee for breakfast and not eating food until lunch time - “bulletproof intermittent fasting” if you will. Changing my diet to this more ketogenic style way of eating (not strictly) I saw huge benefits. My energy levels and mood were on a different planet to what I had experienced in the past…

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It's Not Fasting... It's Just Not Eating When You Aren't Hungry

I often get asked how long I fast for, or what fasting plan I follow or if I consider bulletproof coffee breaking a fast. Truth is… I don’t have definitive answers to most questions since I don’t follow any kind of rules, I just kind of… eat. But I do love intermittent fasting so here is a little more detail on my opinions…

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