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It's Not Fasting... It's Just Not Eating When You Aren't Hungry

I often get asked how long I fast for, or what fasting plan I follow or if I consider bulletproof coffee breaking a fast. Truth is… I don’t have definitive answers to most questions since I don’t follow any kind of rules, I just kind of… eat. But I do love intermittent fasting so here is a little more detail on my opinions…

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No Juice Cleanses Here… What I Do To Reset My Gut Health

I live the healthy lifestyle through and through, but I’m a normal person! From time to time my diet isn’t always the perfectly healthy Bondi food you see on social media. I'm human! Occasionally I make a few bad choices and my gut health really suffers. So “resets” for me are all about getting my gut health back in tip top shape, not about quick weight loss or kick starts or whatever people do them for. But I love taking a few days to give my digestion and gut some love...

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