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It's Not Fasting... It's Just Not Eating When You Aren't Hungry

I often get asked how long I fast for, or what fasting plan I follow or if I consider bulletproof coffee breaking a fast. Truth is… I don’t have definitive answers to most questions since I don’t follow any kind of rules, I just kind of… eat. But I do love intermittent fasting so here is a little more detail on my opinions…

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Ketosis Is A Physiological State... Not A Plate Of Cheese... My Journey So Far With Ketosis And Plant-Based Living

So ketosis is largely becoming the trend of 2018. As much as I hate diet trends... this is one that I have become kind of obsessed with, but there's a lot I'd like to clarify about ketosis. Mainly... it's a physiological state, not a plate of low quality meat and cheese. In this post I discuss how I manage getting into and out of ketosis and how I keep animal products to a minimum. 

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