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I Quit Bulletproof Coffee? New Breakfast And Intermittent Fasting Routine...

For a while I swear I was known as the bulletproof coffee girl, yep I had a bulletproof coffee basically every day for about a year and a half, and I loved it! I read the Bulletproof book by Dave Asprey, and made quite a few changes in my diet, loved the results so much that I continued having just bulletproof coffee for breakfast and not eating food until lunch time - “bulletproof intermittent fasting” if you will. Changing my diet to this more ketogenic style way of eating (not strictly) I saw huge benefits. My energy levels and mood were on a different planet to what I had experienced in the past…

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Free Workshop In Bondi! Mind, Mood and Food

I've spoken a few times about how obsessed I am with the mind, and more importantly, how your food affects your mind and mental health... Yes they are intricately connected! I’m so happy to announce I’ll be running a FREE workshop in Bondi!

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No Juice Cleanses Here… What I Do To Reset My Gut Health

I live the healthy lifestyle through and through, but I’m a normal person! From time to time my diet isn’t always the perfectly healthy Bondi food you see on social media. I'm human! Occasionally I make a few bad choices and my gut health really suffers. So “resets” for me are all about getting my gut health back in tip top shape, not about quick weight loss or kick starts or whatever people do them for. But I love taking a few days to give my digestion and gut some love...

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