I Quit Bulletproof Coffee? New Breakfast And Intermittent Fasting Routine...


For a while I swear I was known as the bulletproof coffee girl, yep I had a bulletproof coffee basically every day for about a year and a half, and I loved it! For a more detailed account of going from having oats every morning to replacing breakfast entirely with just a bulletproof coffee, read this post. In summary, I read the Bulletproof book by Dave Asprey, and made quite a few changes in my diet, loved the results so much that I continued having just bulletproof coffee for breakfast and not eating food until lunch time - “bulletproof intermittent fasting” if you will. 

Before I go further, I’d just like to paint a picture of my schedule at the time… I was working full time in an office in the city (a job I absolutely loved), I exercised every morning at 6am (either bootcamp, a coastal walk or a sweaty yoga vinyasa class), and every morning I walked out the door at 7:45am to make my bus and commute to work. Replacing breakfast with a bulletproof coffee slotted so well into my lifestyle because it saved me a lot of time and effort in the morning, it gave me a massive surge of energy, mental clarity and productivity and I wasn’t hungry until lunch. 


Plus I enjoy eating, I like to sit down and really enjoy my food, and as weird as it sounds if I don’t have the time to do this I’d rather not eat… I’m not the kind of person who’s going to scoff down breakfast while walking out the door, in fact I made a rule a long time ago not to eat while walking around or standing up. So given my rushed mornings and wanting to get into my work day, not having to sit down to eat breakfast was a win. 

Another thing… My bulletproofs weren’t so much like the original recipe as I found it to be a bit TOO much fat… I made mine with black coffee, 2 tsp MCT oil and 1 tsp butter or ghee. This is in comparison to the original recipe of 1 tbsp MCT oil and 1 tbsp butter. 


Changing my diet to this more ketogenic style way of eating (not strictly) I saw huge benefits. My energy levels and mood were on a different planet to what I had experienced in the past (although I should mention this change in diet was synchronised by re-introducing red meat and chicken into my diet after being predominantly vegan for the better part of a year), I naturally lost weight (about 4 kg slowly throughout the year) and my water retention and puffiness was far more manageable. Oh and also, binge eating… Out the window… With my hunger and satiety levels as well as my brain finally working in the way it should… binge eating, emotional eating and general food stress became a distant memory. 

So bulletproof coffee become my new boyfriend basically, and I looked so forward to it every morning. Fast forward to when I resigned from my full time job and began working from home/ working for myself. My schedule had completely changed. I continued drinking bulletproof coffee for the first 6 months, but after a while just found it wasn’t working for me and didn’t fit in with my new schedule - something I think we all need to work in is getting more in touch with ourselves, looking inward, because if something is or isn’t working for you - your true self knows it - it just takes a little digging to get in touch with that true self aka getting centred. So I decided to give it a break and see how I felt. It took me a while to get into a new routine that worked for me but it came eventually! 

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Also an interesting thing to note on my own personal experience, I slowly began to feel less control over what I was eating, I would wait until I was really hungry to eat lunch. Then eat a massive lunch (I like ALOT of veggies and I’m pretty liberal with the fats - avo, oil, hemp seeds, tahini) and afterwords I would eat a little too much dark chocolate and a little too much coconut butter from the jar (oops). This was quite contrary to my original experience for the first 12 months, where I wasn’t overly hungry, and I was extremely satisfied after lunch, I’d have a little dark chocolate, or a little fat fudge as my lunch dessert and I’d move on with my day. Could this have been anything to do with the fact that I was no longer in an office environment? It’s very possible however given the nature of n=1 experiments, we’ll never know. The bottom line was, it was time for a change. 

So I changed… 

I swapped my bulletproof for either a long black or an almond milk latte depending on how I felt that day (and what almond milk was on offer). And I began eating a breakfast/ brunch meal - usually around 10 or 11am. This meal was one of two things: 

This breaky pictured…

  • 2 or 3 eggs

  • about 1/2 avo

  • 2 cups or so of greens (mostly spinach and kale)

    This meal would include a couple teaspoons of coconut oil or butter if I cooked the greens and eggs (as in not boiled or poached) OR if I didn’t use any oil in the cooking I’d drizzle with a teaspoon or two of olive oil (which I eye ball from the bottle, I don’t measure out) 

Or I’d have…

Just 3 eggs that’s it…

  • I know it sounds kind of random, but what I found is that often in the morning I felt my digestion wasn’t ready for the heaviness of the above meal and the digestion of all the fibre in that kale and such. I just wanted something that was a little more easy to digest. And honestly having just 3 eggs is the perfect balance of protein an d fat to satisfy me and keep me full and energised for ages.

So how it goes, if I eat earlier and have lunch plans, I’ll have option 2 of just the eggs. And if I have no lunch plans and I’m not hungry til later (about 11) I’ll fast on just black coffee and then sit down and have option 1 as brunch. Then I won’t eat again until the afternoon (around 3-4pm) 

Occasionally, I run out of time, or I’m busy, or it just doesn’t work out and in those cases I can easily just stay completely fasted until I get the chance to sit down to some food around lunch or whenever. Interestingly, a number of years ago I would have been flat, no energy, low mood and super hangry if I did this, but having done a low carb high fat/ keto style eating for so long my body can easily continue as normal without food if required. That said, please note this is not typical for me, it’s more IF I don’t get the chance to have my normal breaky. So there you have it! 

But here comes the funny part… I really miss the mental clarity boost from the MCT oil! So after not having any MCT or bulletproof coffee for about 8 months, I’m testing out bringing it back - but in a different way - I’m simply adding 2 tsp of MCT oil to my coffee in the morning and seeing how I feel, as well as having one of those breakfasts as normal. Again , this is really as I miss the mental boost and since I’m looking to dial up my work this year I though I’d see how I go reintroducing. What I foresee happening is that I’ll continue like this but won’t strictly be having MCT every day, but will add those two teaspoons in where it happens to work out. 

Any questions, happy to answer below! 

Liv xx