Mood, Food and Depression... Healthy Chats With Kale Brock

It's no secret that by now that mood and food is my passion. I really do believe that everything starts in the mind. But in saying that... What many people don't know is how our lifestyles physiologically and chemically affect our brain (and therefore our mind). 

With depression and anxiety rates currently sky rocketing, it's important that this is taken to account, and at the very least discussed! That's the thing... Most of this stuff isn't even discussed at all in conventional medicine. Unfortunately while I do acknowledge the power of conventional medicine, there is a huge lack of knowledge of many things that can have huge impacts on peoples' health and lives. 

While food and gut health absolutely MUST be taken into account when treating disease (autoimmunity, lifestyle diseases, psychiatric conditions etc.)... Really my passion is the effect of what we eat on our daily mood and mindset... 

Anyway, I won't go into too much more detail here but my mate Kale and I had a chat about these exact topics on his new show The Broccoli Roast AKA The B Roast. If anything I just mentioned interests you I urge you to check out his show and of course the one featuring me! Check it out below. 

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