Centred… How This Word Has Changed My Health

I often use the word centred… It’s my favourite word when it comes to health because for me it was “the missing link” that I had been striving to find for years and years… a change in perspective that explained everything and allowed it to fall into place. 



I touched a little on this here but let’s rewind and allow me to explain myself… 


I’ve always been super into my health, I know what is good for me and what isn’t. But often I’d find myself making choices that weren’t serving me… and I’d later beat myself up about it. This may have been overeating on some kind of treat, eating something I didn’t even want but just because it was there, drinking too much, binge eating, laziness, unproductiveness, excessive amounts of time on my phone, unkindness towards others and myself and a heap of other bad habits. All of these habits/ traits are just not “me”. You know when you look back on a decision and feel like you weren’t even yourself - like you were kind of on autopilot or some other force was controlling your actions. 


It got me thinking about two of my favourite mindfulness books, The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle and The Unteathered Soul by Michael Singer. I’ve pulled a few quotes from these books that really resonated with me and allowed me to develop my personal theory about “centredness”.


“If you aren’t centred, your consciousness is just following whatever catches your attention” - Michael Singer


Basically, what I found was that when I was centred, making life decisions came easy, nothing was confusing or stressful or anxious, and every action or thought I’d have throughout the day was coming from my true self. 



So what do I mean when I say centred?


Your truth, the now, true self, centred, dissolution of ego, higher consciousness… whatever you want to call it...


Being centred is about living as your true self, without the influence of external sources - friends and family, worries and anxieties, societal norms, the opinions of strangers, social media, and most often internal mental stressors. Once you connect with your true self ie. once you are centred, decision making is easy - you’ll find you don’t have that weird autopilot feeling I mentioned earlier where you do things that aren’t “you”. 


It’s a journey… Do I find myself feeling off centre? ALL THE TIME! I’m not perfect, no-one is, not even Ekhart Tolle. When things are out of routine, or there is something weighing on my mind, or the moon is funky, or my cycle is funky… Or many other instances where something is out of balance - perhaps I have spent too much time socialising and not enough time with myself OR the other way round… sometimes even for no reason whatsoever!


But now I just have an explanation for it AND the most important thing of all… I can recognise it. I can’t stress how important this is for me… first of all it stops the stress - previously it would have stressed me out “why am I not feeling good, what is happening, I feel out of control” - the worst feeling - now it’s simply “oh.. I’m a little off centre because XYZ… I’m going to start putting more effort into getting myself back on track - head to yoga, book saunas, get out of bed early, swim in the ocean, get back into my routine, catch up with loved ones - don’t get me wrong… its hard and often for a about a week I really have to force myself to do things but now that I understand it, life is just so much more simple. 


Excuse the unedited writing! I write how I speak so if you’re a grammar nerd I am probably your worst nightmare haha! Also you don't want to know how many times I googled "centred or centered" and still couldn't figure it out!


But this idea of centredness has honestly changed my life, it’s like the clouds gave way and I finally understood things… So I had to share my story in the hope it might clear things up for someone else. <3 

Olivia Kaplan